BootP-DHCP Server

BootP-DHCP Server 2.30

Assigns IP addresses to devices on the network via BOOTP or DHCP
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2.30 (See all)
Scans the network devices and assigns IPv4 addresses via the BOOTP and DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) protocols. Displays all the changes and issued IP addresses in a session. For the first time you will need to configure the server, as a minimum give the subnet mask.

If you do not have a large computer which can act as a boot server, download our DHCP/BOOTP software so you can use a PC as a DHCP/BOOTP server. With this software, you do not have to hardcode IP addresses into your ladder logic programs. This is a Windows application used to assign IP addresses to EtherNet/IP devices via BOOTP or DHCP. The recommended install location is the default location.

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